Why Use an Insurance Benefits Broker?

Why use an Insurance Benefits Broker
Business owners are a unique segment of the population. You wear so many different hats because you are responsible for ensuring your business runs smoothly. You may serve as an operations manager, marketing director, customer service representative, and human resources executive – all in the span of one day. Choosing what operations to outsource can be a challenge for business owners. One element of running a successful business is adequately managing employee satisfaction and benefits.

Employee Benefits Administration

You have a few options for how you will manage your employee benefits administration.

If you’re a small business with 50 employees or fewer, you may not have a dedicated human resources professional to manage all these things. Even if you have just a few employees, there is considerable paperwork and documentation to be done.

If you don’t want to do it yourself or hire a dedicated professional in-house, outsourcing your benefits administration to a group insurance benefits broker like Advanced Benefit Solutions can be an efficient and cost-savings option.

Consider all your options for your current needs, but do be aware that this is a necessary part of any benefits package and must be handled appropriately.

Why Choose Advanced Benefit Solutions as Your Benefits Broker?

Benefits administration is about so much more than paperwork and renewals.

The differentiating factor of benefits administration is service.

The quality of service saves business owners time, money, and helps them make better decisions to support future success.

The average entrepreneur already works over 50 hours a week. If you’re spending your time doing paperwork by hand and answering employee questions about claims, you’re taking valuable time away from your business.

We are Family-Owned

Advanced Benefits Solutions is a family-owned company, founded by Ron Seibel in the early 2000’s. After 15 years in the insurance business, Phil joined the firm and took a leadership position. The family identity of our practice impacts how we approach every relationship. It’s important that we know our clients and have a deep understanding of the challenges they face in today’s business landscape.

We Make Benefits Administration Simpler with Technology

Our goal is to not sell policies and then disappear until renewal. Sadly, this is something we hear about in the market all the time. At Advanced Benefit Solutions, service is a year-round part of our relationship. From enrolling new employees to processing eligibility, we keep every record updated and documented. We even have platforms that make it easy for your employees to enroll, something which can be time-consuming for business owners to handle on their own. If you would like to learn more about that please reach out.

These offerings are part of our services and what you pay for when you use us as your benefits consultant. No matter how small the business, you’ll get the same excellent, personal service. We enjoy the education aspect of helping a small business navigate employee benefits.

We care about the future of your business. As a family-owned company, we’re invested because we are passionate about small businesses. Unlike large payroll companies or national agencies, we take care to meet your specific needs.

To get started or talk about your benefits package for your small business, by call us at (800) 291-2009 or send us an email at info@abenefitsolutions.com today.