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Group Benefits for Small Businesses

Get health insurance benefits for your employees.

Group Health Insurance

We are a small business dedicated to serving other small to medium family businesses! We take pride in providing personalized service to companies providing benefits for their employees. We love to share our expertise and we always answer the phone ready to help.

Health insurance and employee benefits can be a cost-prohibitive part of any business. Not only that, but a benefits program requires a long-term commitment. This can be a daunting task to accomplish without extensive knowledge of the insurance industry.

This is where we shine! Our goal is to be your strategic insurance advisor. We help small businesses create a benefits program designed to meet both the employer and employee goals.

What the Process Looks Like

With our new clients, we begin with education, exploring available insurance options. Depending on the needs of the employees and the employer abilities, we design your ideal insurance program.

With the tailored insurance program selected, we work with you directly; assisting with necessary paperwork and onboarding all employees with the insurance company.

Throughout the year after the initial enrollment, we assist with adding or removing employees as needed. We are at your disposal for any questions that arise, including claims.

We meet with all our clients annually, near the time of policy renewal. We like to check to see if there are any new updates for your business that might warrant exploring a different option. Things change and we work to ensure that your policy best reflects the current needs of your company.

Comprehensive Insurance Benefits Plans

Group Health Insurance | Comprehensive Benefit Plans
Health Insurance

We design health insurance plans that best fit the company and the needs of their employees

Dental Insurance

From annual cleanings to oral surgery, we will help find the best insurance company to keep your teeth shiny and white!

Group Dental Insurance | Comprehensive Benefit Plans
Vision Insurance

If an employee needs glasses, or has more serious eye concerns, vision insurance offers a benefit to help with this expense.

Disability Insurance | Comprehensive Benefit Plans
Disability Insurance

If an employee is injured outside of work, this policy will pay a monthly benefit if they cannot return to work for a period of time.

Let ABS Design Your Ideal Benefit Plan