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Questions About Group Insurance

Are you looking into getting group health insurance for your employees? If it’s your first time, you probably have questions.

Not all companies are required to offer benefits to employees, but doing so can be an effective tool in employee retention and it can also serve as a tax advantage. Check out these common questions business owners ask.

A business needs at least two owners, or one owner and one full-time employee, or two full-time employees to qualify. Some insurance companies allow groups to be formed with a husband and wife owned company.

It may also depend on your business type and the level of participation.

Any employee working 30 hours or more a week is eligible for benefits coverage.

No, there is not!

Advanced Benefit Solutions is here to help your small business select quality benefits packages complete with health insurance for your employees. We are experts in each step of the insurance process from plan design to enrollment and other services.

We’ll be here for you and your employees, serving as a resource for your business.

Insurance is complicated.

We invest heavily in technology to help employers with the enrollment and administration of their policy. Onboarding is the technology based enrollment system.

Between online enrollment platforms, client portals, and DocuSign, among others, this reduces unnecessary steps that increase complications and eliminate paper forms.

In most cases, the terminated employee will still have company benefits through the end of the month following their date of termination.

When an employee’s coverage terminates, come the first of the following month, they will have one of three options:

  1. Continuation of coverage or COBRA.
  2. Join another employer’s plan.
  3. Acquire an individual policy.

Common Questions from Employees

Your employees will have questions about their benefits! Here are some of the most common questions your employees may ask.

Each company is unique, however, your employer may contribute a portion to your benefits package. We recommend you speak to your company benefits administrator for further details.

Your company policy has a waiting period based on your date of hire. Additionally, there are qualifying events that allow you to enroll in benefits after you are initially eligible for coverage.

Typically, you will receive your (benefit) ID cards approximately 7-10 business days after your enrollment onto the insurance company site.

They will be sent to your home address directly from the insurance carrier. You will also be able to access your medical ID card via online or when you download the insurance company’s benefits app.

Remember that you can still use your insurance if the policy is active, even without your ID cards.

The person at your company in charge of your benefits plan will have a summary of your benefits.

Coverage can be confirmed by calling the carrier directly. Please refer to these websites:

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