How to Find an Independent Medicare Agent Near You

How to Find an Independent Medicare Agent Near You

Meet Our Medicare Health Insurance Professionals

Medicare health insurance can be a daunting subject and task when initially faced with making the change in health insurance from a group health plan or an individual health plan.

We are excited to announce the newest members of the Advanced Benefit Solutions team and expert Client Benefit Consultants, Patty Riland and Sarah Garza! Patty and Sarah are dedicated to helping you select, enroll in, and manage your Medicare plan.

With more than 15 years of experience working in the insurance industry to find solutions that meet the needs of their clients, Patty and Sarah have a deep knowledge of individual insurance.

Patty has a strong sales background and works diligently to inform her clients not only about how Medicare policies work and how current regulations may impact them but also how clients can utilize the specific benefits outlined in their coverage.

In her role as a Client Benefits Administrator, Sarah walks each client through the enrollment process and continues servicing the policy throughout its lifetime. Both team members expertly respond to policy questions and issues, providing prompt responses drawing on their expertise and experience.

Why Work with an Independent Medicare Agent

You can research different Medicare options and individual health insurance plans through government platforms like or, but it can be hard to understand the subtle differences in each plan and how much that plan will cost you depending on your situation.

Working with an independent Medicare agent means you can explore all your options with total transparency as well as learn how to use your benefits. Our job as an independent health insurance broker is to make this process as painless as possible for you.

As the point of contact, Patty is ready and fully capable of answering all your questions about different Medicare plans and can guide you in the right direction of coverage based on your specific needs as the client.

Advanced Benefit Solutions will monitor any policy obtained through our team by staying in communication with the health insurance carrier monthly.

In fact, this is Sarah’s expertise! Once your policy is in place, Sarah screens premium payments monthly and will reach out to you directly if there is an issue with the solution. Clients also have the opportunity to reach out to us at any time if there are questions about how your insurance works.

What’s the difference between an independent agent or one with a major carrier like BCBS?

When working with Advanced Benefit Solutions, our clients are offered multiple carriers and plans, rather than just a single carrier. For example, if ABS worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, we could strictly propose and sell BCBS. As an independent agency, we have the ability to view most carrier’s products in the Industry therefore offering far more choice to our customers.

Medicare Part A and B Enrollment

Please keep in mind that Medicare Parts A and B are all handled through the Social Security Administration. You can visit to enroll, verify your policy, or manage your premium payments.

While our team may not assist with enrollment for Medicare Parts A and B, we can certainly help inform you about the appropriate time to enroll and the potential costs.

How to Find and Enroll in the Right Medicare Plan

More great news?! It costs the client (consumer) nothing to use the services of Advanced Benefit Solutions as our Services are paid for by the carriers.

The client will have the advantage of ABS as their customer service advisor and representative meaning they will not have to call the carrier directly and be placed on hold, only to be transferred to possibly many different departments before obtaining some sort of an answer.

Patty always emphasizes to call her first. If she doesn’t have the answer, she will find the answer or point you in the right direction. Our goal at Advanced Benefit Solutions is to simply provide customer service above and beyond, taking as much of the burden off each client as possible.

Ready to Explore Your Medicare Plan Options?

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