ABS Now Offering Individual Health Insurance Plans

Advanced Benefit Solutions Now Offering Individual Health Insurance Plans

You know Advanced Benefit Solutions as your small business insurance broker. We are continually looking for ways to serve the needs of our clients. That’s why we are excited to announce that we have added a team with specialized expertise in individual health insurance plans. Many times spouse or dependent coverage is not affordable through an employer plan. We are here to help those individuals find an insurance plan that fits their medical needs and budget.

Healthcare.gov is not the only option for individual plans. Our team will work with you and shop multiple carriers as well as the marketplace to find a plan that fits your needs. We can shop affordable HMO and PPO plans, too! Even better, our team members will answer any questions you have and explain all the differences in how each unique plan works.

With new rules surrounding subsidy calculations for health plans on the marketplace, it can be complicated to compare how much you’ll spend out-of-pocket versus an employer plan. We can help you figure that out!

Use an Independent Broker for Shopping Medicare Plans, Too!

It’s important to have a team in your corner who understands all the nuances of Medicare entitlements and treats you as more than just a number. Calling 1-800.gov can be a place to start, but they may not have all the experience of our team.

Since we are a small business, when you call ABS with questions or concerns we will always pick up the phone and you will consistently speak to the same member on our team. Our goal is to ensure you receive the correct, affordable, Medicare benefits that work for you and your individual needs.

Understanding and Enrolling in Medicare

Signing up for Medicare can be extremely challenging, not to mention all the strict deadlines and regulation. Having an experienced and knowledgeable point of contact can make a big difference. We know the subtle differences between Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D, and how much different Medicare plans cost.

Our team can walk you through your coverage and give you tools to get the most out of your Medicare benefits. If you’re turning 65 soon or wondering if your existing Medicare plan still meets your needs, get in touch with us. Advanced Benefit Solutions is here to serve you, so let us help you find the Medicare plan built with you in mind!

No Need to Wait

You may not even need to wait until open enrollment. If you’ve lost a job, your existing coverage is expiring, or you don’t have any coverage at all, you can get a free quote with our team at any time.

Email or call us today if you’d like to get a free health insurance quote for you, your spouse, or dependents. We are here to help!

The best part? It doesn’t cost anything to use our services, and there’s no obligation to purchase a plan.